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At ID Cards And Lanyards, we focus on making your event success with our custom prints. We know how important a first impression is. That’s why we make sturdy ID cards that look professional. You can customise your cards to reflect your brand. We offer many ways to do this.

Conference Card Printing

From start to finish, we work fast to meet your needs. When you’re ready to design your perfect conference cards, get in touch. Call us on 0203 026 0565, or visit our website at

The Importance of High-Quality Conference Card Printing

Knowing why conference card printing matters is key for business events and meet-ups. It shows your company values quality and professionalism. Good conference cards help people interact smoothly at events, making everyone’s experience better.

First Impressions Count at Conferences

At a busy conference, how professionals see each other at first glance matters a lot. This includes the first impressions from conference cards. A well-made ID card does more than show who you are. It talks about your brand’s values and how much you care about the little things. No matter if it’s a casual chat or a big industry event, the quality of your cards can change how your brand and event are viewed.

Durable and Professional ID Cards: A Must-Have for Any Event

We promise tough ID cards that last from start to finish. We pick materials that are strong and look good for our professional ID cards. This strength and quality are important. Your cards might become keepsakes, reminding people of your brand long after the event.

Customisation Options to Reflect Your Brand Identity

  • Range of card shapes and sizes
  • Variety of finishes, from matte to glossy
  • Options for branding elements such as logos and custom colours

With our customisation, your event’s cards can reflect your brand perfectly. Our design team will help you choose designs that make your custom conference cards unforgettable to everyone who sees them.

Our Range of Conference Card Options at ID Cards And Lanyards

At ID Cards And Lanyards, we give you the best range of conference card options around. We have everything from cards made with eco-friendly materials to high-tech cards with RFID and QR. Our goal is to make your conference experience top-notch, with easy and safe access for all.

  • Standard PVC Conference Cards: Perfect for those looking for a cost-effective yet professional solution.
  • Eco-Friendly Cards: Ideal for organisations committed to sustainability.
  • Advanced Technology Cards: These include options with built-in RFID or QR functionality, allowing for sophisticated access control and data management.

Every conference has its own special needs, and we get that. So, we’ve made sure to have a huge selection of ID Cards And Lanyards Conference Cards on our site. No matter the size of your event, from a small workshop to a huge international gathering, we have the right card for you. Our variety ensures we match your needs, including your branding and logistics.

Range of Conference Card Options

Want simple name tags or something more unique and secure? We’re here to boost your event planning and execution. Our specialised conference cards make your conference stand out. Check out our range of conference card options to discover what suits your event best.

Conference Card Printing: Enhancing Networking Opportunities

Our company knows the importance of networking opportunities at conferences. We provide conference card printing and custom name badges to help you make the most of these events. With our special solutions, everyone can boost their networking skills easily.

Easy Identification with Custom Name Badges and ID Cards

Starting conversations is easier when you know who you’re talking to. Our ID cards for identification and custom name badges help every conference-goer stand out. This makes meeting new people simpler and the event more personal and fun.

Event Badge Design that Stands Out

Making event badge design eye-catching is key. We craft standout unique badge designs for you. Our options range from elegant to detailed, all designed to spark great conversations. Your badge will help you be more memorable at the event.

Using Conference Cards to Boost Engagement and Connections

Boosting engagement at events is easy with smart conference card design. Our conference cards include QR codes or RFID tech for special content and experiences. This fosters more connections and interactive fun, making events more engaging.

We’re here to make your event a success with our services. Let us help in turning your next conference into a place of great connections and opportunities. We offer top-notch identification solutions to keep things running smoothly.

Tailored Badge Printing and Design Services to Meet Your Needs

Our company is focused on designing badges that fit your needs perfectly. We provide tailored badge printing and badge design services that meet your specific needs. We aim to make your badge represent your brand’s values while fulfilling the event’s requirements.

From Concept to Creation: Our Bespoke Design Process

Superior badge design starts with a plan. We work closely with you to create your custom badge design. Our skilled team ensures that every detail is carefully considered from the start. This planning leads to stunning and practical badges.

Speedy Next Day UK Delivery for Last-Minute Orders

Stuck with an event coming up quickly? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our speedy delivery. We offer next day UK delivery on our badges for those urgent times. Count on us to help your event run smoothly with our quick and reliable service.

Innovative Solutions with Plastic and Business Card Printing

We’re not just about designing badges. Our innovative printing solutions cover various materials, like plastic card printing and business card printing. These products make a strong statement, whether used with your conference materials or on their own.

Custom Badge Design

Why Choose Us for Your Conference Materials and Event Supplies?

We at ID Cards And Lanyards know how important conference materials and event supplies are for event success. Learn more about our event branding materials to see how we can help. Our wide product range covers everything from Choosing ID Cards And Lanyards to decor.

  • Floor Graphics: Ideal for directing traffic and enhancing brand visibility.
  • Pull-Up Banners: Effortlessly assemble your messaging with our user-friendly solutions.
  • Wall Wraps: Create an immersive experience with large-scale, impactful visuals.
  • Building Wraps: Transform buildings into massive advertisements for your event.
  • Vinyl Banners: Customisable and perfect for any promotional needs.
  • Glass Treatments: Stylish and subtle, improve aesthetics while promoting your brand.
  • Swag Bags: Filled with branded items that keep your event memorable.
  • Badges: Clearly identify and unify your staff and speakers with bespoke badges.
  • Flyers and Brochures: Distribute essential information efficiently at your event.

Our focus is on both quality items and top-notch customer service. We aim to exceed your expectations in every detail. Count on our expertise for top-notch conference materials and event supplies that will make your event shine.

We stand out for our commitment to making your events run smoothly. No matter the size, we offer event supplies that impress. Let us handle everything, making it easy for you and ensuring a successful event.


At ID Cards And Lanyards, we stand out by offering custom conference card printing. We use durable materials and top-notch printing to make your cards impressive. They help boost networking at your events.

Our badge printing is quick and high-quality, perfect for last-minute needs. We also offer unique designs that match your brand. Picking us means choosing a partner who knows how to make effective conference materials.

Let us help with all your event’s ID needs. Get in touch to see how we can make your event successful. We’re keen to impress you with our tailored support.


Can I customize the design of my conference cards?

Yes, at ID Cards And Lanyards, you can pick how your conference cards look. You can choose their shape, size, and finish. You can also add your own logo and colours. Our team is ready to help make your cards match your event and brand.

What materials are your conference cards made from?

Our cards are built to last with strong materials. You can choose from standard PVC to eco-friendly options. Need tech in your cards? We also offer RFID and QR codes for more advanced needs.

How quickly can I receive my conference cards?

Have to do things quickly? We get it. That’s why we offer fast delivery the next day in the UK for urgent needs. We make sure your cards arrive quickly, so you can focus on your event, not worry.

How can conference cards enhance networking opportunities?

Conference cards make it easier to meet people at events. They have your name, making talking to others smoother. This helps people remember and connect with each other better.

Can conference cards be used to boost attendee engagement?

Absolutely! Use conference cards to get people more involved and connected at your event. Add things like QR codes or RFID tech to let people access special content or platforms. This makes your event more engaging and helps people network.

Why should I choose ID Cards And Lanyards for my conference materials and event supplies?

Picking us means getting top-notch conference materials. We have lots of experience delivering quality products. Plus, we’re here to help you every step with great service. Offering a wide range, we’re your go-to for everything you need for events.

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